Quick Answer: What Does Scc Stand For In Advertising?

What’s the meaning of SCC?

Special Conditions of Contract (various organizations) SCC. Somatic Cell Count. SCC. Squamous Cell Carcinoma (malignant skin tumor)

What is column Centimetre?

a unit for giving the size of newspaper and magazine advertisements, and for calculating their cost. One single column centimetre is one column wide and one centimetre high: The basic unit of measurement and charge is the single column centimetre.

What does SCC mean in legal terms?

Related Definitions SCC means the Special Conditions of Contract.

How do you calculate columns per inch?

The size of a column will vary from paper to paper. Measure the length of the page that the column takes up in inches from top to bottom. Multiply the number of columns across by the number of inches down to find the number of column inches.

What is a column inch in newspapers?

A column inch was the standard measurement of the amount of content in published works that use multiple columns per page. A column inch is a unit of space one column wide by 1 inch (25 mm) high.

How many inches is a full page ad in a column?

A full-page ad consists of all six columns of content at the full depth of the page. In broadsheet format that’s 21 inches, for a total of 132 column-inches.

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How is PCI newspaper calculated?

Cost per column inch for print display advertising, mostly used for newspaper pricing. The formula for PCI is Column Inches x Rate = Advertising Cost. The PCI can be impacted by placement (ROP vs. guaranteed placement), day of the week, type of advertiser and other factors.

How are newspaper prices calculated?

For example, if a newspaper charges $12 per column inch, an ad measuring four columns wide by 10 inches deep would cost $480. This is calculated by four columns x 10 inches = 40 column inches x $12 per column inch = $480.

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