Quick Answer: What Do Advertising Executives Do?

How much do advertising executives make?

Salary Ranges for Advertising Executives The salaries of Advertising Executives in the US range from $19,051 to $187,200, with a median salary of $76,436. The middle 50% of Advertising Executives makes between $62,268 and $76,321, with the top 83% making $187,200.

What is the role of an advertising executive?

Advertising Account Executive responsibilities include: Listening to advertising suggestions and wishes of the clients and communicating them to the appropriate people inside the agency. Collaborating on promotional events or advertising material that suits the account and clients’ goals.

What is required to become an advertising executive?

Advertising executives typically need a bachelor’s degree with training in the areas of public relations, marketing research and strategies, product development, sales management, and promotion techniques.

Where can an advertising executive work?

They determine customer needs, liaise between clients and advertising agencies, and coordinate advertising and marketing campaigns. They may be employed at marketing departments and advertising agencies, or work as independent consultants.

Do account executives travel?

Almost all account executives work in offices, and many travel for client meetings as well. Account executives often hold regular (sometimes daily) meetings to update company management and relevant teams on projects and client expectations.

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How much money do advertising majors make?

Advertising major graduates in the US make on average $52,330 annually or $25.16 hourly. While the top 10 percent make over $102,000 per year, the bottom 10 percent make under $26,000. Most jobs for advertising majors are in technology companies and health care companies.

Is Account Executive A good career?

How Much Does an Account Executive Make? Sales can be a very lucrative career, but average salaries for AEs varies depending on the industry and location. Glassdoor reports that the average salary for an AE is about $63,000 per year, with additional cash compensation (commissions) of $31,000.

How can I be a good advertising account executive?

5 Ways to Be a Successful Account Executive

  1. Be competitively optimistic. This is what enables AEs to be resilient, come back with alternative solutions, and always be working towards a win.
  2. Be personable.
  3. Be responsive.
  4. Be a consultant.
  5. Follow up effectively.

Is it hard to become an advertising executive?

An advertising account manager career path may include entry level assistant account executive skills as well as a bachelor’s degree and years of experience. The career also comes with frequent deadlines, which can be stressful.

What is a degree in advertising?

A bachelor’s degree in advertising is an essential step on the path to a full-time career in the industry. Students who earn advertising degrees learn about all facets of the business, including creative careers such as copywriting and art direction and business careers in advertising media buying, planning and sales.

What do account people do in advertising?

Account services meets with clients, takes requests for work, and writes briefs. They also act as the go-between, presenting work to, and bringing feedback from, the client.

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What is advertising account manager?

Advertising account managers mediate between the client and the ad agency while carrying out the work. They represent the client by figuring out what services they need from the agency. Then advertising account managers sell the agency’s services to the clients.

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