FAQ: Who Sings The Song On Squarespace Advertising?

What is the song in the squarespace Commercial 2020?

Go Anywhere. ‘ Song by MPSO.

Does Dolly Parton sing in the squarespace commercial?

Dolly Parton changes ‘9 to 5’ song for Super Bowl ad In a new Super Bowl ad for website creation company Squarespace, Parton sings the praises of “Working 5 to 9” — i.e. the hours after your day job when you’re free to work on your passion projects and side businesses, and promote them via the web.

Who is in the squarespace commercial?

Dolly Parton re-recorded her iconic ‘9 to 5’ for a Squarespace Super Bowl commercial about side hustles.

What did Dolly Parton sing at the Super Bowl?

(WATE) – A Super Bowl ad featuring East Tennessee icon Dolly Parton singing a reworked version of her classic hit ‘9 to 5 ‘ made its debut Tuesday ahead of the big game.

What does the commercial 5 to 9 mean?

What does 5 to 9 mean to you? 5 to 9 means to me that I have more time in the day to do more things. Your song “9 to 5” has become such an anthem for working people.

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What is the 5 to 9 commercial about?

Directed by Damien Chazelle (of La La Land fame), the commercial takes “9 to 5”—Parton’s 1980 smash, and the theme song for the workplace comedy of the same name in which she co- starred that’s centered on three women teaming up against their sexist, blowhard bigot of a boss —and gives it a modern twist.

Is Dolly Parton singing at the 2021 Super Bowl?

Dolly Parton Sings ‘ 5 to 9′ in Super Bowl 2021 Commercial for Squarespace – Watch Now! Squarespace just aired their 2021 Super Bowl Commercial featuring a re-recording of the 75-year-old music legend’s 1980 hit song “9 to 5” now as “5 to 9.”

What is Dolly Parton net worth?

Parton’s library of more than 3,000 song credits, including hits like “9 to 5” and “Jolene” reportedly brings in between $6 million and $8 million in royalty payments each year. Forbes estimates her catalog, which she owns all of, is worth about $150 million.

What commercial is Dolly Parton in?

Dolly Parton gives cube monkeys everywhere something to sing and dance about in Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial, unveiled Tuesday morning, reworking her 1980 smash “9 to 5” as “5 to 9,” an anthem for making after-hours entrepreneurial dreams come true. We open in a typically drab office suite.

Which Super Bowl commercial was the best?

The Most Memorable Commercials in Super Bowl History

  • Reebok: “Terry Tate” – Super Bowl XXXVII (2003)
  • Budweiser: “Puppy Love” – Super Bowl XLVIII (2014)
  • Nike: “Hare Jordan” – Super Bowl XXVI (1992)
  • Volkswagen: “The Force” – Super Bowl XLV (2011)
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Who is the singer in the Super Bowl commercial?

Bruce Springsteen makes rare commercial appearance in Super Bowl ad to call for unity. The “Thunder Road” singer urged Americans to find “The Middle” ground.

What is Squarespace for?

Squarespace, a do-it-yourself website builder, blogging platform and hosting service, lets businesses of all types create professional websites with the service’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

How much does a Super Bowl commercial cost 2021?

At $6 million, NBC would be seeking a 9.1% increase over the $5.5 million CBS sought for 30 seconds of ad time in 2021 and Fox pressed for in 2020. CBS’ 2021 broadcast of Super Bowl LV generated approximately $545 million in in-game advertising, according to Kantar, a tracker of ad spending — a new record.

Is Dolly Parton performing in Super Bowl?

The legendary Dolly Parton has performed in different venues all over the world during her 50+ year career. But, she’s never been part of a Super Bowl – until now.

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