FAQ: What Is 1573 Advertising?

What does 1573 stand for?

For the 2019 Australian Open and onwards, it was renamed 1573 Arena for commercial purposes, after Chinese distillery Luzhou Laojiao, producer of a baijiu labelled Guojiao 1573, made a five-year sponsorship deal with Tennis Australia, which also featured corner signage on both Margaret Court and Rod Laver Arena.

What is the brand 1573?

Guojiao 1573 is produced by one of the best-known brands of Chinese liquor which has a brand history that can be dated back to 1573 and the Ming Dynasty. Guo Jiao 1573 “triple 60″ is Luzhou Lao Jiao group’s top luxury high-end custom liquor, a bottle of wine is priced up to 336,600 yuan (£34,500).

What does 1573 taste like?

Taste of China And although many people I know who’ve tried baijiu say it tastes like “firewater”, I found the 1573 to be mellow, velvety and rich – strong, yes, warming, yes, but not harsh, and with a deeply savoury finish.

Who are the advertisers at the Australian Open?

The brands that have come on board include Rolex, Mondelez, Lenovo, LIC, Reserve Bank of India, Jeep & Accenture, Tourism Australia, and Pernod Ricard are for both TV and Digital (Sony LIV).

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What is baijiu similar to?

Judged by that standard, baijiu tastes like an intolerably bad alcohol. Though similar to vodka in clarity and strength (40-60 percent ABV), when making comparisons it’s best to cleave to baijiu’s closer cousin, Korean soju.

How do you drink baijiu?

Luzhou Laojiao baijiu tasting master Xu Huan says baijiu should be drunk neat, without ice or water. In summer, it is drunk chilled at between 8 and 12 deg C, while in winter, the baijiu is meant to warm drinkers up. While it is usually taken as a shot, she suggests savouring it differently.

What does Guo Jiao mean?

裹腳 guǒ jiǎo. foot-binding long strip of cloth used for foot-binding.

What is baijiu alcohol?

Literal meaning. burnt (distilled) liquor. showTranscriptions. Baijiu (Chinese: 白酒; pinyin: báijiǔ; lit. ‘white (clear) liquor’), also known as shaojiu (烧酒/燒酒), is a colourless liquor typically coming in between 35% and 60% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Who sponsors AO?

Piper-Heidsieck – The Reims-based French champagne house is an official sponsor of the Australian Open since its 2019 edition. The three-year deal sees Piper-Heidsieck operate a Champagne House at Grand Slam Oval in Melbourne, with pouring rights granted for other AO-associated venues as well.

Is baijiu a vodka?

Unlike tequila or vodka, baijiu (白酒 báijiǔ), which literally means ” clear liquor,” has yet to become popular in the West. Baijiu is a complex drink that takes time for an unfamiliar palette to adjust to.

How strong is baijiu?

Because baijiu is incredibly strong, often clocking in at 120-proof, which, for most drinkers, is reserved for the stuff you use to reliably light shots on fire. And one is traditionally intended to drink it neat, at room temperature, sipped like an aperitif, although always with food.

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What alcohol do they drink in China?

Well, Baijiu has been made in China for more than 5,000 years. The country’s national drink, it outsells the likes of gin, vodka, rum and even whisky.

Who sponsored Australian Open 2021?

Moving on to the associate partners, Rolex has been sponsoring the Australian Open and will continue to do so till 2027. Luzhou Laojiao, a liquor company, has also been an associate partner since 2019. In addition to them, Emirates Airlines has also been sponsoring the event since 2015.

Is Federer playing Australian Open 2021?

Australian Open 2021: Why isn’t Roger Federer playing at the Australian open? Roger Federer decided to miss the Australian Open because wife Mirka opposed having to spend a full fortnight in quarantine, a leading official has claimed.

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