Promax UK Nominations

We are chuffed to have a great new set of (16!) nominations for the upcoming Promax UK – spanning all of our flagship channels, and a wide range of categories, reflecting the breadth and excellence of our creative team’s output.

Best factual (originated) – Shackleton: Death or Glory (Discovery)

Best factual (clip) – JFK: The Lost Tapes (Discovery)

Best reality promo – Lindsay Lohan. (TLC)

Best leisure & lifestyle – Robson green (Quest)

Best leisure & lifestyle – Salvage Hunters S3. (Quest)

Best news/current affairs – Megastorm (Discovery)

Best news/current affairs – Killer Outbreaks. (Discovery)


Best graphic design / animation – Shackleton: Death or Glory (Discovery)

Best direct response promo – Cars that rock competition. (Quest)

Best Sponsorship – Casio red bull. (DNUK)

Best on-air Ident – Animal planet

Best Copy – Fathers Day. (Quest)

Something for nothing – Web of Lies. (ID)

Something for nothing – Psycho Kitty. (Animal Planet)


Best Channel Identity – Quest

Best on-air campaign – Make your world bigger (Discovery)

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