Taking the Silver Award in the BDA World Category for Best Logo and a Bronze in BDA World Best Network Design. Turbo is the channel for motor heads, literally the people who can name that car, helicopter, stream train or lawn mower blindfolded, and this whole identity is dedicated to them.

The new logo and graphic system takes its lead from “Transport”, a typeface developed in the 1950s for the UK motorway signs
by Margeret Calvert & Jock Kinneir. The design team created a series of station idents, inspired by different engine sounds, from a Lambretta scooter to a Ferrari F50 and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, even including a Spitfire plane and a steam train. The team enlisted expert Tim Scott, a car and bike collector, as audio consultant on the project to source and record the engine sounds.
The letterforms of the logo were split to create modular components of graphic shapes, which can be deconstructed and reformed.
The combination of the graphic letters hinting at the idea of road signage and the specific engine sounds, celebrate the ‘petrol-head’ passion synonymous with the channel.

Designed and Produced in-house by Discovery UK Creative – Kam, Callum, Matt and a few more very talented animators.

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