Make your world bigger is not just our new tagline. It’s the answer to the question: what is the purpose of Discovery?

Since the beginning of humankind, people tell stories to make sense of the world. Storytellers use specific strategies to keep us, the audience, interested. They appeal to our curiosity. They create tension. John Hendricks launched Discovery Channel in 1985 with a mission to fulfil a fundamental need in all humans: to satisfy curiosity. At Discovery, we strive to satisfy curiosity by creating immersive content. We meet our audience’s need for exploring and understanding the world while pushing the boundaries of human experience.

Experience is what we’re made of. Every moment and insight gives us new perspectives, making us grow as people and expand our vision of the world. Discovery delivers intelligent entertainment. Every insight, experience and ‘eureka!’ moment add up to broadening the spectrum of our knowledge, enriching our personal world, making it grow. We satisfy Curiosity through Storytelling which broadens our Experience and our Knowledge. ‘Eureka’ moments give us the thrill of discovery, enriching our personal world (making it bigger). The wise say: ‘collect moments, not things’.

Curiosity + Storytelling = Growth

When the hero in the story gets in trouble the story keep us hooked. Because the hero is us. We inhabit his skin. And during the ordeal he changes. He learns. He sees the world differently. The experiences broaden his horizons. MAKE HIS WORLD BIGGER. Growth is good, but who wants to face actual jeopardy? Most people prefer to let the hero do it for us. That, is what stories do. They teach and entertain, and the best ones leave us changed forever. The purpose of Discovery is to make our world bigger by telling stories that entertain, engage, and change us.

From a tagline to a Brand Platform

At Discovery, we frequently discussed taglines. Does Discovery Channel need one? A tagline is a short sentence stating what a brand stands for. Arguably our name already does that. Discovery and the world icon are powerful pointers in their own right. This is why MYWB is not just a tagline. It’s our purpose, and a promise to the viewers. It’s a guiding principle that we use to create content. It’s the idea that lies at the heart of all our communications, through different initiatives across multiple platforms to reach out to more people. It’s our brand platform.

#MYWB Talent Films

The first initiatives stemming from the MYWB ideas have now launched in the UK. Combining immersive storytelling and irresistible characters, we created a series of timeless spots featuring the people at the heart of Discovery’s programme. We asked them personal questions in a simple, stylised interview style. The questions range from the silly to the more profound or philosophical; some would be about them, others more universal. The aim is to tease out a surprising or unknown personal trait; to give a real insight into individual characters; to find out how they made their own worlds bigger and thereby make our viewers’ worlds just that little bit bigger.

The mood is informal and relaxed, understated and honest. The talent is talking about themselves, not about their shows. It is a straight Q&A-style, in studio with a simple backdrop, nothing flashy. Black and white grading lends production value to the idea, and help distinguish it from the trailers, programmes, and advertisements that appear before and after these spots. It’s also something easily replicable regardless of who’s doing the filming and where in the world they are. Many people have now contributed to this ever growing campaign, from most of the folks at Discovery Creative London, to our sister creative teams in the US and around the world. The original concept and art direction came from the team work of Federico Gaggio, Robin Garnett, Lee Healy, Matt Beese and Ceri Payne.

More talent spots available on our MYWB Vimeo page