The Hoffman crew are back for a brand-new series of Gold Rush. As they return to the frozen wilds of Alaska to continue their desperate search for gold these notorious miners are back for more equipment breakdowns, infighting and battles with Mother Nature in their quest to strike it rich and change their lives forever.
This is drama for men. Poignant, exciting, dramatic scenes with heroes and villains. Share the insight and intrigue, build the history and statistics. Follow the quests and incredible characters.

Build the clans, their individual choices and their thirst for success, whatever God throws at them.
There are four characters: the men, the kit , the landscape. The fourth is GOLD. 
In this concept we elevate Gold Rush and treat it as a quality dramatic series. 
We use emotive music that brings depth into the characters and their challenges, their vision and the dramas as they unfold. We build on the manliness and brotherhood of the show, selecting powerful male anthems.

The campaign strategy revolves around the character profiles of each of the three leaders.







Concept Developed by Claire McDonald and Vijay Logan. Creative Vijay Logan.