Ed Stafford

The Unknown // Left for Dead

2017 / 2018

Left for Dead: Dropped in to the most isolated places on the planet without a glimpse of what lies ahead, Ed Stafford has just 10 days to escape before his body shuts down. Ed is on a breath-taking new mission to test himself against epic journeys of survival. He’s been marooned in places where it’s almost impossible to survive. Now he’s about to be dumped in to places that are near impossible to escape, but over 10 days he must do just that. It’s a test of endurance and survival but above all else decision making to find the best route and keep out of danger. All Ed has to survive are his wits, whatever kit he can carry and a GPS point of his extraction location.

In the key art for Into The Unknown we saw Ed Stafford setting out on his expedition; he looks full of confidence and ready to tackle the adventure ahead, In Left For Dead we are going for something different - we will capture Ed at the very end of his most challenging journey yet. We will see him at his most vulnerable - pushed to his limit.

DCUK_Ed Stafford Into The Unknown_Key Art
Ed Stafford 1.jpg
Ed Stafford 2.jpg